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Assistance for businesses

Business Vitality offers a comprehensive, independent service to your business. We use all our own equipment, and can work in your office or off-site. When you choose to partner with us, we see ourselves as an integral part of your Human Resources/HSE team, and are happy to work in, mentor and share our Workers’ Compensation experience & expertise with all your key employees.

Initial Steps

An in-depth Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis will be conducted to gain a baseline picture of where your challenges lie within internal injury processes.

Quantitative = your data & numbers

Qualitative = the systems, feel & culture of your organisation

Program Implementation/Training

We get on ground level with all your employees to change safety, injury culture or undesirable attitudes. We can use positive low-cost solutions to create changes on the factory floor.

We can present at Toolbox Talks or meetings to help get messages through to change behaviours & morale.

We pro-actively lead or assist in the implementation of health and well-being programs, including using surveys, fostering ‘Champions’ or providing feedback to management.

We are readily available to conduct individual or group training sessions. Once initial training has been done, refresher courses can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Injury Management

As Injury Management specialist, Business Vitality can assist with the process of addressing and mitigating the impact of all types of injuries suffered by workers, especially while in the workplace itself.

Claim Management

Injury claims can be complex to manage. We are experienced in this area. Your Business Vitality representative manages contact with injured workers, their health providers, treating doctors, or independent specialists. We liaise with the appointed WorkCover Customer Advisor in Queensland, or the state in which the employee’s claim has been accepted. We manage claims in all Australian states and territories.

Comprehensive Reporting

A weekly overview of the status of each claim is compiled and reported to your business. Claims are grouped according to helpful categories, or can be broken down even further depending on the reporting needs of your business.

Return To Work Programs

Business Vitality assists with return-to-work programs, using a Stay at Work or Recover at Work approach whenever possible. We provide extensive liaison, support and mentoring with line managers and supervisors to achieve successful return to work outcomes. Our support of supervisors during this time relieves pressure in their position to allow them to focus on your core business.

Flexible Services

At Business Vitality, we are extremely flexible and can fit in with the unique needs of your business. Toni can work for you as many or as little hours as you like. We customise agreements to fit in with the ups and downs of injuries that your business sustains throughout the year.

Toni’s services are also available for one off cases, or as a continuous arrangement.

Comprehensive Approach

If you choose to employ the services of Business Vitality on a regular basis, we can do more within your business than just injury case management. We can make a positive shift with any culture issues or take a proactive approach to shaping your injury management policies by implementing Positive Performance Indicators (PPI).

We are specialized in providing quantitative and qualitative analysis of work injury processes in your workplace to ascertain the challenges you face. We provide low-cost realistic solutions that will work on the ground.

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