Business Services

We have successfully helped many clients to reduce their claims costs by keeping all stakeholders accountable to their responsibilities in the injury management process. Some of our most fruitful outcomes include:

  • Face-to-face visitation with Doctors (GPs & Specialists) to get better return to work outcomes. We know how to break down barriers with doctors who don’t understand what is required for the return to work process.
  • “Mending fences” between injured employees & their employers. We get to the heart of the issues by listening & providing real solutions. The goal is to foster trusting relationships between employees and employers.
  • Business Vitality sets the boundaries in the workplace for respect & accountability. We persuasively empower all parties to take responsibility for their part of the rehabilitation process. This includes the injured worker, supervisors, treatment providers, WorkCover advisors, and co-workers so that return to work attempts are not thwarted by other issues.
  • Our clients have greatly reduced their time lost claims by utilising our Vital Steps system. Ask us about how it can be implemented into your workplace.
  • We have helped employers to dispute claims if things just don’t add up. Our knowledge of the legislation has held WorkCover Queensland & the Workers’Compensation Regulator accountable to the relevant facts of the claim in many circumstances. For eg. Business Vitality recently achieved success for a client in getting a bogus bullying claim rejected (based on the reasonable management action clause). Potential saving for that client of $50,000 to $100,000+ in claims costs if it had of been accepted as a psychological claim.
  • We are used to interpreting legislation or Workers’ Compensation jargon . We have helped numerous clients wade through information when decisions are handed down by their insurer.
  • We can check premium calculations to make sure you are paying the correct amount, as well as conduct customised premium forecasting to help you plan ahead.

Flexible Services

At Business Vitality, we are extremely flexible and can fit in with the unique needs of your business. Toni can work for you as many or as little hours as you like. We customise agreements to fit in with the ups and downs of injuries that your business sustains throughout the year.

Toni’s services are also available for one off cases, or as a continuous arrangement

Compehensive Approach

If you choose to employ the services of Business Vitality on a regular basis, we can do more things within your business than just injury case management. We can make a positive shift with any culture issues or take a proactive approach to shaping your injury management policies by implementing Positive Performance Indicators (PPI).

We are specialized in providing quantitative and qualitative analysis of work injury processes in your workplace to ascertain the challenges you face. We provide low-cost realistic solutions that will work on the ground.

Business Vitality keeps your business healthy while reducing costs wherever possible.