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Keep Your Business


Ultimately, choosing to work with Business Vitality will deliver a much lower chance of litigation and a reduction of WorkCover premium costs.

You can continue carrying on profitably without distraction. We give you the energy to keep your business healthy!



We can create, update and implement proactive processes and procedures relating to your Workers’ Compensation, even if you do not have any current claims.

We educate your employees on the best course of action when an injury occurs in the workplace.

Get Your Employees Back To Work Sooner

Our Injury Case Co-ordinators are committed to liaising with injured employees, their families, their workplace supervisors and colleagues, their treatment providers and their doctors in a precise and cost effective manner so they can get back to work as soon as possible. Early intervention is the key and we do the “mending of the fences”. This leaves you to focus on the operation of your business without distraction.


Legal Risks

As experienced specialists in the field, we can make sure injured employees adhere to their treatment plan whilst seeking out and arranging the best stay at work, recover at work or return to work programs.

Alternatively, Business Vitality can help with work place investigation necessary to dispute an injury claim. Minimising your legal risks is a top priority at Business Vitality.



At Business Vitality, we can ease your burden and lower risk by completing paperwork and taking comprehensive notes of all conversations and approvals from stakeholders.

All the necessary paperwork will be accurately completed, ready for audit any time.